Specialty Classes

Foundations ➣ Learn Basic CrossFit Movements and Terminology ➣ Practice Basic Oly & Power Lifting Techniques ➣ Receive Individualized Coaching in a Small Group Setting Conjugate Strength ➣ Use powerlifting techinques to improve max strength and body composition ➣ Learn how to effectively apply the Conjugate Method to your training ➣ Receive guidance and programming from a coach Gymnastics Strength ➣ Perform gymnastics to […]

CrossFit for Businesses

American businesses have growing concerns over their employee’s health and wellness. as the wellness of employees and their workplaces are greatly intertwined. How can DCF help your company? • improved productivity/profitability• less absenteeism• improved morale• less healthcare costs• general well-being and focus at work• increased job satisfaction• improved relations with co-workers and supervisors DCF can […]

DCF Group Classes

One of the dirty little secrets of CrossFit is that the potency of the movements makes it incredibly easy to make a “hard” workout.  That, quite simply, is the easy way to program workouts and requires absolutely no skill.  What is far more difficult is to actually create workouts that teach and progress skill levels […]

Personal Training

What do Jordan Spieth, Roger Federer, Yoyo Ma, and world renowned surgeon Atul Gawande have in common?  They all have individual coaches. Though our group training classes can accomplish many of the fitness goals of our athletes, nothing compares to the efficacy of private training.  From elite military special forces and top level athletes to […]

Individual Design Program

Do you want a fully personalized strength and conditioning program? But don’t want to sacrifice the awesome dynamic of a group class? Maybe you should try the Individual Design Program!  With the ID Program you’ll receive a customized strength and conditioning program designed by the best coaches in the business.  After a thorough assessment of your movement, […]

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids is currently on hiatus. Congratulations to DCF coach Jenn Lassiter on her own CrossFit kid!! CrossFit Kids runs every Saturday from 10:00am to 10:30am. Far from simply a “scaled down version” of CrossFit, CrossFit Kids teaches youngsters the importance of health and fitness in a fun and engaging way. Our mission is very simple: […]