In order to bet on tennis, it is necessary to study all the main features of this sport, analyze all available data, thoroughly understand tennis and tennis players.

Tennis betting lines are different from lines for football, hockey and similar sports. Here you can bet on the result of games, total games and many other outcomes.

Advantages of betting tennis

The ability to track the form of players. If in the case of the same football it is extremely difficult to track the physical and psychological form of the 11 main players of each team, then in tennis this issue is solved much easier — just watch a couple of matches of a certain player, and you can already draw far-reaching conclusions about his current form.

The analysis of tennis matches is somewhat simpler than in many team sports. It is very important in this regard not to miss the moment when the form goes from the peak stage to the peak stage. Usually, each stage of this endless cycle of form for tennis players lasts three to four weeks. As you gain experience in this difficult task, you will undoubtedly learn how to correctly assess the current, as well as predict the upcoming state of tennis players.  

Tennis bets strategies 

The strategy of betting on games is one of the varieties of catch–up, and it is not recommended for novice players. As you know, in a set, athletes serve in turn: in the first game, the first tennis player serves, in the second – the second, and so on.

The strategy of the games consists in betting on the victory of the serving tennis player. Statistics say that athletes in most cases win their serves, even in a game with the strongest opponents.

In order for the betting strategy in tennis to work, it is important to choose the right matches. Tennis players should have different levels, while it is stupid to bet on a beginner as opposed to the first racket of the world. Optimally – if one of the rivals is a strong average, the other goes for the championship title.

An average player can win several games from top tennis players on his serves. The athlete will lose the whole match, but we don’t need him to win. We play in games where he comes in as a pitcher. And provided that the coefficient is greater than 1.60.

The strategy of tennis betting odds can be combined with catch-up. If the bet fails, it doubles. For example, you bet a hundred rubles that a tennis player will win a game. The bet does not pass, the athlete loses. The next bet that he will win the game on the pitch will be two hundred rubles. After winning – return to the beginning and repeat the cycle. It is important to stop in time and stop betting a few games before the final: there is a risk of overclocking and losing the pot.

How to bet on tennis

One of the leading strategies of this type is the betting system for winning the third set. Bets are placed live, and two conditions must be met:

  1. The opponents should be approximately equal.
  2. The difference in winning odds at the start of the match should not exceed 0.60.

If the tennis players are approximately equal, and the first set ends with a solid victory for one of them, bookmakers dramatically change the odds, overestimating the winner of the first set. Accordingly, the quotes for the victory of his opponent are growing.

The essence of the strategy is as follows: if, following the results of the first set, the odds for the victory of one of the tennis players are less than 1.15-1.20, we bet against him. When the quotes start to grow, and the numbers return to the pre-match indicators, we bet “for”. The main conditions under which the strategy works are compliance with the above conditions and a thorough analysis of the participants of the match.

Betting strategies on the favorite

The strategy of betting on the favorite in tennis consists in betting on players at a coefficient of 1.45-1.65. The player selects matches where there is a clear favorite and an outsider. Here you can focus on the quotes of bookmakers: BC analysts conduct their own analysis and identify obvious contenders for victory. If the kef for the favorite is in the 1.45-1.65 segment, you can bet on his victory.

For maximum efficiency, the betting strategy on the favorite can be combined with a suitable financial strategy, for example, catch-up. Many professional players note that it is in tennis that most of the matches of the favorite’s assessment by the bookmaker with the real outcome of the match occur.

Betting strategies 40 40

The 40/40 tennis betting strategy is designed for real-time betting enthusiasts. Some bookmakers offer to bet live on the market “Score 40-40 – Yes” or “Score 40-40 – No”, assuming that during the game there will be (or will not be) such an account. Who wins the game and the match does not matter.

The 40-40 strategy is combined with the classic Martingale. A bet is placed on the market “Score 40-40” in one of the games. If the bet does not pass, the game is skipped and a bet is made on the same market when the previous athlete submits. Given that the coefficients for this market fluctuate in the 2.50-4.00 segment, you can not increase the bet at the first steps, then – by the amount of the initial bet.

Bets on express trains

In most bookmakers, you can choose from options for one outcome. For example, in odds, you can choose a handicap (-4.5) or (-2.5). Put 20.5 games or 17.5 on the total of the match. This reduces the risk that the bet will not play.

The odds for less dangerous bets are much lower. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary analysis of one or more matches. If a tennis player who is being bet on with a handicap is really able to win by a significant margin, and an outsider can resist and is able to take at least half of the games on his own serve, you can combine a couple of bets into an express. This increases the risk (two bets must be played), but also increases the coefficient.

Bets on the exact account

The strategy of betting on the exact score in tennis is based on predicting the outcome of the match in sets. The number of sets is from three to five, depending on the championship. The game is played to win in two or three sets.

The bet is made on the exact score of 2:0 (3:0) on the favorite. The Kef for his victory should not exceed 1.50 – this allows you to immediately weed out unnecessary games.

Before betting, it is necessary to analyze the performance of athletes on a specific surface. A tennis player can perform well on grass, but show the worst results on the ground. The statistics of successful serves, wins on the opponent’s serve, statistics of previous victories are analyzed. And in the event that a tennis player can really beat an opponent without losing a single set, you can bet.

For a profitable tennis betting strategy, you should not use catch-up and other similar financial systems. It is best to bet flat, with fixed rates of 3-5 percent of the game bank.

In which bookmakers to bet on tennis?

You can place bets on tennis at any online bookmaker in Europe. Among all bookmakers, players single out BC “Parimatch”. Among the advantages, we note a rather low margin for Grand Slam tournaments and Masters tournaments. The margin on bets on the outcome of the match here can range from 1.5% to 3%, on total and odds — from 3% to 4%. There is an opportunity to bet on the total of games won by the player, total tie-breaks, total aces, total double mistakes, etc.

How to bet on tennis in BC?

From all of the above, you can extract a certain algorithm for how to bet on tennis:

  1. Study the rules of tennis, ratings, characteristics of individual athletes, as well as the results of recent tournaments, watch at least a few matches.
  2. Choose the best tennis bet strategies and decide in advance which one you will use.
  3. Before each bet, conduct a thorough analysis – at least take into account the previous matches, the significance of the tournament, the coverage and the alignment of the players’ forces.
  4. Choose a bookmaker – it is best to create accounts in different betting shops in order to bet only in the one where the highest odds for a particular match will be.

At the same time, it is important to understand that there are no win-win bets on tennis. Therefore, try different systems, combine them.

High coefficients

A high coefficient is a coefficient with a value of 4.00 or higher. In this case, the mathematical chances that a tennis player will win are estimated at 25 percent. There are also ultra–high coefficients – 10.00 and higher. Athletes who no one bets on also sometimes win.

If you follow pure mathematics, then one of the four matches can bring a win. In practice, a series of 8-10 or more defeats in a row is possible.

The strategy is suitable for players with large banks who can afford to lose a couple of bets and take their toll on the middle distance. The strategy of high coefficients is often used in combination with various derivatives.

The express does not apply to bets with high coefficients, for which the 10.00 kef is not the limit. Each individual bid must be carefully analyzed and weighed. Experienced players never rely solely on luck.