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The PGA Model: How to Make These CrossFit Games Changes Awesome

From the Ranch to Madison, I’ve watched every iteration of the CrossFit Games (except for the very first year).  Refreshing the blog to find out Khalipa had upset Spealler was probably the “moment” I became obsessed with CrossFit itself. With each and every change, there were always a raucous chorus of detractors.  Eventually detractors settled […]

The Definitive Do’s and Dont’s of Exercise While Pregnant & Postpartum

Pregnancy is one of life’s greatest turning points.  Until it happens, every moment in your life has been about you and your survival.  Then, with one subtle and profound realization, a seismic shift happens and your focus shifts to someone else. But what about you, mom?  It’s critically important for everyone that you feel healthy, happy […]

July 26, Thursday

Fitness 5 rounds, NFT:3-6 Ring Rows20 Double Unders4-10 Pushups…2 Rounds:4 Minute AMRAP:10 Goblet Squats15 Box Jumps2 Minutes Rest Performance 5 Rounds, NFT:3-6 Muscle-Ups20-30 Double Unders5-10 Handstand Pushups…4 Minute AMRAP:10 Ring Rows10 Ring Dips 2 Minutes Rest 4 Minute AMRAP:10 Pullups10 Pushups (HR) Athlete Profile – John Lui You’ll usually find John at the morning and […]

Kick Your Motivation Habit!

Being unmotivated is the key to success. That’s right, I said it. I think being unmotivated is what will make or break achieving your goal. Confused? Let me explain… Let me start by saying, “My name is Andrew and I’m a motivation junkie.” It’s truly a high like none other. When I’m motivated; I have […]

Athlete Profile: Anya Jones

Anya gets the job done, with a humble smile. She comes in, nails some monster walks in the warmup, practices her pull-ups before and after WOD’s…and is always up for a run (least fave movement, apparently-lol) or some serious open-gym lifting…what more could we ask for in an athlete? What’s your athletic/fitness background? I didn’t […]

The Mindset of a Fighter

Up until August 2014, I lived my life completely and utterly unaware of the fact that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. To me that never mattered, I never knew anyone sexually assaulted, and I was certainly never planning on being a victim myself. That changed August 9th, 2014. On that day, a man kicked down […]

The 3 Simplest Weight Loss Strategies

Losing weight is a lot more complicated than it seems on the surface. Anyone who just says “burn more calories than you eat” doesn’t get it. We’re more proud of having three 100lb weight loss clients than our two CrossFit Games Athletes. Here are a few quick and simple strategies you can use today to […]

October 4, Thursday

BIG NEWS FOR DCF! So here’s the news you’ve all been waiting for: The new District CrossFit at 1525 Half St SW will be opening on Monday, October 29! We can’t wait to pull back the curtain, and we’re looking forward to seeing you there when the doors open! We’ll have more details for you regarding the […]

June 11, Monday

Important News About District CrossFit We have some incredibly exciting news As many of you have probably heard by now, thanks to the Washingtonian, we are very happy to announce that District CrossFit will be opening a new location in the Southwest Waterfront.  The new gym will be located on 1525 Half Street SW in eyeshot of the […]

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