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Improve Your Overhead Squat Without the Overhead Squat

So, I am sure the title of this post probably confuses people.  How do you get better at running? You RUN.  How do you get better at pull ups, you do pull ups, right?  Well, yes and no. Before I get into the nitty gritty of the post, why am I writing this?  Two reasons: 1. […]

Athlete Profile: Hunter Milhous

What’s your athletic/fitness background? I played any and every sport as a kid, and wrestled and played football through high school. In college I continued to lift weights a few days a week, but the majority of my athletic energy was spent on beer pong and flip cup. This trend continued after moving to DC in […]

2 Ways to Get More from Less

There was a great story I heard on NPR about alarms in hospitals.  One of those classic stories about how the obvious solution is actually the wrong one.  The long and short of it is that hospitals were having issues with machine alarms.  You’d think that whenever something is going wrong with hospital machines, it’s IMPERATIVE that some […]

Athlete Profile: Marisa McArthur

“I have to say as one of the longest active members it’s been fun to watch DCF grow. I remember when we were in the small garage and the 6am class consisted of about 10 people and they were all women. Times have changed. Congrats on your success.” -Marisa What’s your athletic/fitness background? Growing up […]

Athlete Profile: Janet Stacey

Growing up I was a tomboy and played all sort of sports. I love volleyball and softball. I started running marathons, which caused sciatica pain. I had to stop running. I wanted to still stay active and challenge myself. I stopped at Dogtown Crossfit three years ago. One of the coaches asked me what was my […]

Athlete Profile: Anne Caprara

Anne Caprara excels both on the barbell and applying peer pressure to get her fellow DCF’ers to make the early Saturday classes…even when they’d rather be cozied up on chilly mornings. Not only has Anne blossomed into a dynamite CrossFit athlete, but she also dominates in her work’s flag football league. Competitors don’t want to […]

Understanding ‘Fitness’ and ‘Performance’

With test week coming up and another cycle about to begin, now is the perfect time to re-address the real difference between the two sets of group class programming here at DCF – Fitness and Performance. While we try to discuss how to properly choose the right path for you, we realize that sometimes it can be difficult […]

Athlete Profile: Jodi Speth

J-Swole. J^2. Jacked Jodi. This humble beast can always be found smiling during her WOD’s, seeming like she is pumping through endless thrusters effortlessly. Check her out! What’s your athletic/fitness background?I swam competitively from age 8 through high school (my events were 100m butterfly and 100m breaststroke) and ran cross country/track in high school, continuing […]

Athlete Profile: Justin LoFranco

JLo, JayLow, JLow…from his interesting socks, to short shorts, and typically a bandana…ya’ll know the infamous Justin LoFranco. He bleeds DCF. Sometimes literally. Always working hard, giving everything he’s got…and then cheering on everyone that finishes after he does, each and every WOD. Check him out: What’s your athletic/fitness background?I grew up playing just about […]