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Athlete Profile: Sarah Arruda

You alllllll probably know Sarah Arruda. She comes to a variety of class times, due to her crazy work schedule, and makes new friends every single day. A true competitor, Sarah is always looking to toss her name up on the PR board for even more heavy lifting and improved performance, and you’re sure to catch her up […]

Athlete Profile: Malcolm Freeney

Hard. Work. Malcolm is diligent. He comes in, day after day, workout after workout, with such a positive attitude and ready to work hard. He truly embodies core principles of a great athlete. With only about 7 months of CrossFit behind him, he came in with a smile ready to dominate “Murph.” If you see […]

Are You Making These Gymnastics Errors?

Gymnastics Strength Training is quickly becoming a key facet in CrossFit. Whereas in the past you simply needed to be able to kip a few pull-ups, toes-to-bar, and HSPU’s, nowadays there are a lot more movements and abilities being thrown into the mix.At DCF we have a dedicated Gymnastics Strength Training class where you can make a […]

Athlete Profile: Tom Leonard

Where to start? Tom is probably one of the most friendly guys you’ll meet. Always smiling, challenging himself workout after workout…and willing to try anything. He’s progressed by leaps and bounds during his time at DCF, and is always eager to learn more and make himself a better athlete. Way to go, Tom! 🙂 What’s your […]

DCF Golf League

Do you play golf? Are you interested in playing in a summer golf league with your fellow DCFers?  Well we have the answer for you! DCF Summer Golf League Here are the basic details if you’re interested:

Friday Night Lights + Free Level 1 Seminar

There’s been something in the air lately.  The PR board is getting more and more crowded.  The leaderboard is getting more competitive with every class.  Even the CrossFit 101 classes are getting stocked with great athletes and hard working folks.  I’m not sure if you’ve felt it but the atmosphere has been electric in the […]

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