Athlete Profile: Malcolm Freeney

Malcolm Freeney

Hard. Work. Malcolm is diligent. He comes in, day after day, workout after workout, with such a positive attitude and ready to work hard. He truly embodies core principles of a great athlete. With only about 7 months of CrossFit behind him, he came in with a smile ready to dominate “Murph.” If you see him around, be sure to give him a high five!

What’s your athletic/fitness background?  

Honestly, as a kid, I played all sports recreationally, but never competitively.  I love to play basketball and ride my bicycle as a kid.  I tried t-ball and baseball, but I wasn’t any good at it.

What was your first CrossFit workout and what did you think of it?
Honestly, I forget what it was, but I remember thinking this is exactly what I need in my life.

What’s been the biggest change for you since starting CrossFit?
The biggest change for me since starting CrossFit has been the increased range of motion.  Personally, I like to bicycle, and that has become much easier since starting CrossFit.  In addition, I feel the increased core strength in everything I do.

What’s been your favorite DCF moment up to now?
(Tie)  When the video of me doing my first 20″ box jump at DCF was posted on Facebook and being recognized for all of my hard work through this profile.  I’m my own worst critic, so the recognition reminds that I’m doing some positive things in the box.

What’s been your least favorite DCF moment up to now?
During the middle of any workout is my least favorite DCF moment (laughs).

Least favorite CrossFit movement/WOD?

Wall Balls.  Though I’m getting used to them with practice at home.  Line Drills are a close second, but that is because I am not good at them yet.

Favorite CrossFit movement/WOD? 
I love the strength portions of the workouts because I feel like I’m getting stronger through the process.

When did you know you were hooked?
Every evening at 8pm, I go to the District Crossfit site to check to see what the WOD is for the next day.  It doesnt matter where I am, who I am with, or what I am doing, I always want to know what the WOD is for the next day.  That is when I knew I was hooked.  In addition, if I miss a couple of days, I feel a void in my life and I work to get back on track.

Any advice for people starting out?  
1.)   Establish and write down your overall goals before you start CrossFit.  My number one goal is to establish CrossFit as a lifestyle that I will continue for the rest of my life.  The 2nd is to lose 100 pounds and keep it off.
2.)   Keep a log of your workouts, so you can monitor your progress.
3.)   Listen to the instructors, as they will save you a lot of pain and they emphasize good form.
4.)   Also, take care of your body, as doing Crossfit on a regular basis is taxing.  This includes yoga, stretching, massages, etc.  Professional athletes do it, and we are athletes also, so we should be doing it.
5.)   DCF is a family, so get to know both in and outside of the box.