If you are going to bet on boxing, here you can find out where to bet, as even a small difference in odds can greatly affect profitability. Alternatively, if you want to bet on boxing but you want your odds to be higher, there are some fantastic markets available now through online bookmakers. The winning method and betting on points are becoming more popular than ever, especially since most fights can now be bet live, and many of these lines offer more chances compared to typical direct markets.

Players are more likely to lose in bet boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA, UFC) than betting on football or even horse racing. This is largely because most fans are betting on the winner of the fight, and in order to make it really worthwhile, you need to bet decent amounts to get a good income.

In this guide, we will discuss which bookmakers are more suitable for betting on boxing, where you can find the best odds and offers, what types of bets are available and how to do them correctly, as well as the main events and history of boxing.

How to bet on boxing online

Most bookmakers will provide at least direct markets for wins or results, if you want to earn more from a match, you need to look deeper. All the bookmakers presented here have good reviews, as well as features bet on boxing online.


Parimatch has made a name for itself in the industry as an online bookmaker that covers not only football and tennis. Take a look at our bookmaker reviews and you will see that parimatch is leading in such games as esports, cricket, golf and other so-called “less popular” sports.

This is a good site for betting on boxing, there is a good market depth, and you will always get good bonus offers, as well as very decent odds. However, UFC and mixed martial arts stand out especially in Parimatch.

Bookmaker’s Office 1x Bet

The 1x bet tends to outperform all of its major competitors in direct betting on results. Therefore, this is a good bookmaker that you need to use if you want to be safe, knowing that you are getting a good bet and also have a great selection of fights.

In 1xStavka also know how to issue early prices. Many operators will wait to see who will do it first, this helps them to set their own coefficients. These guys are so confident in their pricing that they are happy to release chances much earlier than others. This bookmaker is also good at offering very decent free bets and other bonuses.

Betcity Betting Company

This bookmaker also has a good offer on boxing markets, but it is also famous for reliable offers and prices.

Betcity are known mainly in two things: good odds as standard and promo offers. When it comes to top-level boxing, they will rarely be beaten in price, and besides, they will have at least one free bet, cashback or chance enhancement in addition. If you are betting on big fights by having an account with this bookmaker, this is a very good option to add a small value to your bets.

How to bet on boxing

Boxing bets is very straightforward compared to many sports. Fights take place between two rivals, which means that the markets focus on the results of the match, points or points and the method of victory.

Of course, some bets offer better value than others, and in this section we will discuss the relative merits of the different types of bets available for Boxing. You can also use them for other combat sports UFC or MMA.

Bets on the victory and the outcome of the match

This is the most common market, and you will find that it is also the most competitive. A quick scan of the bookmakers’ websites will show you where you can get the best initial odds.

The main problem with the direct result is a lot of fights that are unevenly matched, and this means that there are often strong favorites against long odds outsiders. In this scenario, many would prefer to bet on other markets where the yield is more favorable.

Total rounds — more / less

There are two options in this market: either a bet on the exact number of rounds, or on more/less than a certain number of rounds. In boxing, the average value above/below will be between 7.5 and 10.5. Betting on the number of rounds is quite competitive, and the odds will be decent, and you can sometimes get offers or an increase in chances..

Bets on the time of the fight

This is a good way to improve the odds on the favorite if you have a strong opinion about how long the fight lasts. This line is usually not that competitive, so you need a bookmaker you trust who will give you good odds if you want to place this type of bet. It is also unlikely that you will see many offers for this market. You can also bet that the fight is awarded by a technical decision. You can also bet on a draw or a technical draw.

Round bets

Betting on rounds is a variation on betting on the whole fight, but instead of betting on the exact round, the bookmaker offers a result in a range of rounds instead. For example, rounds 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12. You can also bet on a win, a technical solution or a technical draw in these ranges.

The outcome of the battle / The Method of Victory

Different bookmakers have different names for this market, and they can often have different terminology in boxing. The bet is pretty clear, you need to predict how the fight will end.

Here you can choose only one outcome of the fight, such as knockout, technical knockout, draw, technical draw, disqualification, fight stopped by the referee, etc. Alternatively, there are group bets in which you can predict that the fight ends in a range of ways. Quite often you can see promotions for this market, but you need to keep an eye on the latest offers from bookmakers.

Bet on the champion

Another bet is to predict the next fighter who will win the qualification, championship or belt. It’s a great market if you think you’ve spotted the next heavyweight champion.

Express trains

Pooled bets are becoming more common, especially for boxing, when there are several fights at the same time. Express trains are becoming more common, so it’s worth buying them if you’re considering a betting combination. 

Live bets and broadcasts

Boxing and other fights are ideal sports betting in real time. The nature of combat sports means that it all comes down to a fighter with very few other variables. Unlike other sports, the equipment and the meeting place have a minimal impact on the final results.

The best way to place a bet in Live is to watch the boxing stream and try to determine the changes in the attitude and ability of the fighter and get your bet before the bookmakers’ odds change. This is one of the reasons why round and ballroom pairs are so popular in live. Almost all bookmakers offer boxing on live markets, even if it is only the end result.

Big Box generates such large amounts of money through the sale of television rights that not many top-level broadcasts remain for online bookmakers. Many of the best sites provide game graphics, and some have audio commentary, but to get the most out of betting on the game, you have to watch the fight live.

Boxing History

Fist fighting is as old as human history. Boxing as a sport, however, is documented as far back as the third century BC, where images of the Sumerians, and then the Assyrians and Babylonians show men fighting with fists covered with cloth or other materials.

The Greeks were the first to organize sports, making it part of the original Olympic Games in the VI century BC. They believed that their Gods practiced fist fighting as a game, and therefore it became part of ancient Greek culture. Competitors often wrapped their fists with leather to prevent serious injury.

Modern boxing

Boxing was banned in the United States, as in many conservative states. The sport became safer with the introduction of mouth protection in the early 1900s and the creation of the National Boxing Association in 1927.

Despite many calls for a ban on sports, as well as some evidence that in some cases long-term brain damage is assumed, sports are only becoming more popular. Today there are at least three major international organizations, the WBC, IBF and WBA.