Athlete Profile: Sarah Arruda

Sarah Arruda

You alllllll probably know Sarah Arruda. She comes to a variety of class times, due to her crazy work schedule, and makes new friends every single day. A true competitor, Sarah is always looking to toss her name up on the PR board for even more heavy lifting and improved performance, and you’re sure to catch her up there for at least one new PR every month.

What’s your athletic/fitness background?
My athletic background is very diverse. I grew up playing softball pretty competetively and then in high school switched to field hockey and played in some national tournaments. During high school I happened to run track to stay in shape so for college I was offered to run division I at The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. I figured, why not? Little did I know competitive running was not my thing. I remember a girl from Boston College ran her mile in 4:45 (I was 5:40 so she obviously lapped me) and as she lapped me she tapped me on the butt on my tankini running uniform shorts and I decided that was enough of competitive running for me! I went on to play rugby for 3 years and we actually won a Division 4 National Championship. I love sports, I still play field hockey and softball and run short races. I have learned I’m a team sports kind of person though which is why I love CrossFit so much!!

What was your first CrossFit workout and what did you think of it?
My first workout consisted of a lot of box jumps and wall balls. I remember I was exhausted and wanted to return and be better! Plus I realized CrossFit would definitely help tone my legs and booty 🙂

What’s been the biggest change for you since starting CrossFit?
The biggest change has been diet. The nutrition challenge this year was amazing and an eye opener. Even though my crazy schedule and lack of response to emails sometimes I’m sure drove Derick crazy, watching my diet has allowed me to hit new personal bests in weight lifting and body weight movements. Thanks Derick Deal!!!

Crossfit changes you by allowing you to be an athlete, a friend, it helps to relieve stress and brightens up your day and becomes a home away from home. I love DCF and will miss it when I leave.

What’s been your favorite DCF moment up to now?
My favorite DCF moment was when I hit my first pull-up. I have been trying my whole life to do pull-ups; the struggle is real. I was soooo excited I ran around the gym and did a dance. Not that dancing during a workout is abnormal for me, but this dance was a special pull-up dance. Thanks so much to all the coaches for always pushing me and making my pull-up goal happen!

What’s been your least favorite DCF moment up to now?
I don’t know if I have a least favorite moment. I was most disappointed in myself for the open because I was unable to do all of the movements as prescribed for the RX. However all that disappointment has done is spurred me to improve this year and come back next year even stronger and able to compete. Every disappointment and low has a teaching point, we just need to find it.

Least favorite CrossFit movement/WOD?
Anyone who knows me knows this answer….. BURPEES. It is such a simple movement! You would think someone as short as me would enjoy it, however, they completely gas me out! I need to start doing high volume burpees “for fun” to get used to them!!!

Favorite CrossFit movement/WOD?
Anything with a barbell. I always thought I was strong, but never knew how strong until starting crossfit. I love power and olympic lifting now and when they’re in a workout, especially heavy lifts, I’m excited!

When did you know you were hooked?
When I started watching CrossFit on youtube and online about a month after starting. You know you have a crossfit problem when you’re watching old crossfit games clips on your iPad in bed at night and fall asleep to the sound of Dave Castro’s voice. I’m a crossfit addict now.

Any advice for people starting out?
Get to know people!!! The best thing about crossfit are the people. You can walk into any gym and perform the WOD; it’s the people, coaches and environment that make a difference. I have made friendships that I wouldn’t trade for the world. People who want to go to a happy hour, drag me to field hockey on Sunday mornings (thanks Sam), or become a sister and an inspiration to you (Rebecca 🙂 ). All of the Coaches are amazing, fun, and inspirationally people as well. You will always perform better and will show up more if you find the environment and the people to be fun and inspirational and that is was DCF is. DCF is a place where you can grow as an athlete as well as make lifelong friends and gives you the room to be your goofy self and let your freak flag fly. DCF will always hold a special place in my heart!!