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You Don’t Want To Talk About It But…

Let’s get this out of the way right now: IT’S NOT OK TO PEE YOURSELF DURING A WORKOUT. I know that seems obvious and I’m in no way trying to make fun of that problem. But we need to talk about it because it’s fixable and could be a symptom of a much larger issue: […]

Get in the Zone: Two Tips to Improve your Mental Game

Some people are born with great athleticism.  It just comes naturally to them while others work day in and day out to live up to their potential.  If we could somehow put great athletes in the body of beginner athletes they’d say “Oh my God how do you even chew gum with this amount of […]

From Posture to Pullups: Fixing your Shoulders

One of the maxims we use teaching Movement and Mobility seminars is “If it’s not moving, get it moving.”  It’s a classic Starrett-ism where you’re thinking “I don’t disagree, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.”  Well basically it means even seemingly simple movements are complex symphonies where lots of seemingly inconsequential players […]

Athlete Profile: Scott Brewster

Scott Brewster knows how to get work done. He came in as a “former CrossFitter,” who wanted to get back in shape, focus on his weaknesses, and enjoy the occasional craft brew. Since joining DCF, he has seen nothing but progress, embracing his true potential via the IDP program. What’s your athletic/fitness background?Started crossfit in […]

3 Reasons to Stop Running (so much)

Here at DCF we are all about functional movements.  Set aside for a moment the question, “Well what does that mean?” Because quite frankly I’m not exactly sure what is “functional” about Snatching I just like doing it and think everyone should learn.  But considering we love functional movements we should love running.  I mean […]

Athlete Profile: Brian Bravante

Brian Bravante. Yeah, the guy who did 10 reps of his deadlift PR at the last test competition. #surprisedhimself. This guy comes in with the most positive, go-get-’em attitude every day, puts in work, and loves a new challenge, anytime/anyplace. Watch out for him sneaking up on ya next test comp! What’s your athletic/fitness background?My […]

Athlete Profile: Rivers Lamb

Ever come to DCF at 7am? If so, you’ve likely had a stellar workout with Rivers. He always has a great attitude and extremely coachable. He is willing to push himself and take a challenge to the next level. It would not be Rivers without his “scurry” run during warm ups when we do shuttle runs. […]

The ONLY Three Ways to Get Stronger

Despite the myriad programs floating around the internet. Despite the claim by “experts” who know how to apply a vast quiver of “fixes” to your problem. Even despite my own declaration of vociferous reading and knowledge. There are only three ways to get strong(er). Get ready for a long article though because it takes a […]

3 Quick Tips for a Better Squat

We’re firm believers in the idea that safety and performance are two sides of the same coin.  The cues we give elite powerlifters and Games-bound CrossFitters are the same cues we give people trying to fix their nagging back pain or bum knee.  Think of your body like a wrench.  Could you use the wrench […]