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Athlete Profile: Josh Billigmeier

If you don’t already know Josh….you’re missing out. This guy came to us back in January, pumped up and willing to do whatever he needed to do to create a solid habit of pursuing fitness. Tons of mobility and strength work later, this guy is PRing everything he attempts, and moves like such a supple […]

Athlete Profile: Jen Barrie

If you’re an “old school” DCFer, you know Jen Barrie. Devout member since 2011, Jen Barrie has grown quite a bit as DCF has grown over the years. Peppy, sarcastic, and energetic…Jen’s the kind of athlete that wants to have a damn good time as she’s getting her workout on. What’s your athletic/fitness background?Assorted. As […]

Athlete Profile: Rose Alexander

One word comes to mind when thinking about Rose. Consistency. Her and her husband, Chad, are always coming in for some solid workouts. She might be quiet, but Rose never only gives 80% during her WODs. Always 100%, and super eager to learn more and make sure she’s moving well! Get to know her! What’s […]

Athlete Profile: Jamie Milhous

Jamie has been around for quite a while. If you haven’t seen her yet, check out one of the afternoon classes to witness her (+one) in action. Stellar attitude, knows how to have a good time while getting in a tough workout, and determined to keep CrossFitting ’til labor day! Goooooo Jamie!!! What’s your athletic/fitness background?When […]

Athlete Profile: Melissa Moss

Go check out the PR board. Like, all the time. Melissa Moss is in, day in and day out, lifting heavy and working hard. Oh yeah, she’s having fun too. What’s your athletic/fitness background?I played softball competitively growing up. My parents really invested in me with a private coach and weight training starting in sixth […]

Stop Using Exercise to Lose Weight

On the surface it seems so simple. It’s the first law of thermodynamics after all. Fat is stored energy, right? So if I burn more energy than I consume, you’ll burn fat and thus lose weight, right? Well… unfortunately, no it’s not that easy. We need to get rid of the “Calories In vs. Calories […]

Internal Rotation. You Need It. Get It.

An athlete with shoulder internal rotation is like a golden unicorn with diamond hooves.  It’s so rare I cry tears of joy when I see it.  It makes every shoulder movement you’re ever going to do world’s easier.  If you’re missing it it’s hold you back I guarantee it. What is it and why do […]

Athlete Profile: Phil Nowak

Philly Phil…if you’re around in the mornings, you definitely know and love Phil. He’s relentless, he works hard, he doesn’t let anything stop him…and he even stays after class to do his own cooldown. If you haven’t met him yet, go introduce yourself. You’ll be glad you did. What’s your athletic background?I always have played […]

3 Killer Deadlift Mistakes

The deadlift.  So simple.  So not easy.  Yeah it looks simple but when you get into the nitty gritty the deadlift can be as complex as you want it to be.  Let’s take a look at 3 mistakes that are not only costing your poundage, but also risking injury. 1.) A Bad Setup is a Bad Foundation […]