Athlete Profile: Hunter Milhous

Hunter Milhous

What’s your athletic/fitness background?

I played any and every sport as a kid, and wrestled and played football through high school. In college I continued to lift weights a few days a week, but the majority of my athletic energy was spent on beer pong and flip cup. This trend continued after moving to DC in 2005, and other than a few 3-4 months stints in the gym here and there or the odd flag football game, I spent the next 7 years doing basically nothing athletic.

My wife Jamie and I have family and friends who had been doing CrossFit for a while, and in 2012, after a few years of trying to talk us into it, they finally convinced us to try. My “I need to get in shape first” excuse had grown stale. We joined DCF in November and haven’t looked back.

What was your first CrossFit workout and what did you think of it?

Our first workout was an intro with Josh at DCF Northwest. I remember being winded after only a quarter mile warmup run. Good wakeup call to remind me just how out of shape I was. The workout was some combination of wallballs, kettlebell swings, and maybe burpees, and needless to say it kicked my ass. I could barely move the next day, but couldn’t wait for Foundations to start the next week.

What’s been the biggest change for you since starting CrossFit?

Everything. My back doesn’t hurt when I’m getting out of bed in the morning. I eat better. I eat MORE. I have more energy, and physically feel better all around. I could go on and on.

What’s been your favorite DCF moment up to now?

The DCF Pro Am in November. The combination of the team energy, the crowd, and seeing Games level athletes working out up close and person made for an awesome day.

Least favorite CrossFit movement/WOD?

Double unders. Anyone who has seen me attempt them needs no explanation. And the 10 minute squat test.

Favorite CrossFit movement/WOD?

Deadlifts. There’s no better day in the gym than a max deadlift day. I’m also a big fan of the Olympic lifts, although I have a long way to go before I’d call myself good at them.

When did you know you were hooked?

When I realized I was glued to my phone every night at 8:00 to see the next day’s WOD, even if it was my day off.

Any advice for people starting out?

1) Sleep. I used to think I functioned fine on a consistent 5-6 hours, but once I started getting 7-8, I couldn’t believe I ever survived on less.

2) Write everything down. A journal is the most important piece of equipment you can buy.

3) Focus on form, and let the weights come naturally. I can still be stubborn about pushing the weight a little too high at the expense of form, and it has cost me a couple injuries.


Describe your favorite part about DCF?

The facility is hard to beat, but that has to be the people and the atmosphere. Even on days when I don’t feel my best, walking through the front door is usually enough to get me ready to go.