Individual Design Program

Do you want a fully personalized strength and conditioning program? But don’t want to sacrifice the awesome dynamic of a group class?

Maybe you should try the Individual Design Program!  With the ID Program you’ll receive a customized strength and conditioning program designed by the best coaches in the business.  After a thorough assessment of your movement, strength and work capacity; you’ll receive a weekly program tailored to your strengths and weaknesses.

Personal training can be a great alternative to group training, but it can be prohibitively expensive and for most people the group dynamic is what keeps them coming back.  We’ve blended the unparalleled results of individual programming with the inspiration and accountability of the CrossFit group class.

With the ID Program you’ll receive –

➣  Individual programming based on your strengths and weaknesses

➣  Small group classes with a dedicated coach, just like the group class

➣  Regularly scheduled re-assessments so we can tailor your program as you progress