DCF Group Classes

DCF Group Classes

One of the dirty little secrets of CrossFit is that the potency of the movements makes it incredibly easy to make a “hard” workout.  That, quite simply, is the easy way to program workouts and requires absolutely no skill.  What is far more difficult is to actually create workouts that teach and progress skill levels and progress a wide variety of goals without sacrificing effort and hard work.  At District CrossFit we take tremendous pride in our workout program as well as our coaches abilities to help you realize your full potential.

Our group classes are not simply a cheap personal training option.  They are specifically designed to help you understand and realize your truest fitness potential.  Yes, there’s a coach to help guide and explain all the details; but the magic comes in the community aspect of training with like-minded and dedicated individuals.   You’ll learn weightlifting, gymnastics and various cardiovascular intensive exercises that will progress your fitness to new heights.  Far more important, however, is the confidence and pride that comes from being personally responsible for your own fitness.

Because we cater to a wide variety of athletes; we offer two types of programming that are available at any of our class times:

Fitness Program

For those who are looking to achieve a real world and functional fitness.  These workouts will help teach fundamental movement patterns and progress to very high levels of functional movements.  This is ideal for both those just starting out with CrossFit as well as those seeking long term improvement.  Athletes will experience gymnastics, weightlifting and metabolic conditioning and achieve a general, broad and inclusive fitness; in other words: help you look better naked.

Performance Program

For those experienced athletes who are more interested in treating CrossFit as a sport. This program is designed to help athletes develop the skill necessary to perform well in CrossFit and fitness competitions. The emphasis of this program lies less on functional fitness and more on competitive fitness.