CrossFit for Businesses

American businesses have growing concerns over their employee’s health and wellness. as the wellness of employees and their workplaces are greatly intertwined. How can DCF help your company?

• improved productivity/profitability
• less absenteeism
• improved morale
• less healthcare costs
• general well-being and focus at work
• increased job satisfaction
• improved relations with co-workers and supervisors

DCF can customize a program for your organization. By finding designated days and times unique for your group; we will foster consistency, camaraderie and teamwork. Increase your bottom line and help set your employees on the road to wellness.

A couple of options include:

• DCF hosting a mobility seminar at your office, focusing on how something as compact as a lacrosse ball can help assist in relieving most of the mobility issues created by chronic desk syndrome.

• Got enough people interested in checking out a WOD? Groups of 10 or more can organize a private intro class, so staff members can compete against each other in a fun teamworkout!

We realize that every situation is different, so if you have a unique idea for your office, let us know!

For current members, If you gather up a crew from the office to participate in one of these events and coworkers join Team DCF, you’ll not only get to crush your colleagues in WODs, but you’ll get hooked up on referral bonuses!