Sports betting strategies

Betting on sports is a popular pastime for many people around the world. Due to the fact that in this industry large amounts of money are circulating, it has become possible to earn money. With a long history in this business there are many professionals and the most important criterion that distinguishes them from beginners – the presence of betting strategies. These are the established rules and actions that a bettor takes in order to get the profit from his deal. You may think that the strategy is something complicated and incomprehensible. But as soon as you have enough knowledge and understanding about this industry, that belief will go away. Strategies allow bettors to earn not in the moment, but in the long run. For example, what would you choose: to get your winnings once by coincidence or to have a set course of action to earn continuously. The answer is obvious. And that is why you should think about your strategy when you are still a beginner. It will also be useful for long-time players who do not want to earn only by chance.  Further in this article you shall become acquainted with the most effective strategies. all of them are working tools of many experienced bettors.

About sports betting

People started staking a long time ago. The very first disciplines of this profitable entertainment are horse racing. But now bettors can wager on any sport, competition, match. This became available thanks to a huge leap in the development of this industry. Now there is a huge number of Bookmaker Companies, which are ready to take your bet from anywhere in the world. And it is undoubtedly important to choose the best organization for cooperation from the great abundance of options. Otherwise, if the company is not reliable and legal, even in case of success you run the risk of not getting your winnings. If you already have a proven bookmaker, you also need to have a good knowledge base. Below you can find a list of the most popular betting tips:

  • An order is a bet on a single outcome from the line;
  • Express is a series of single wagers, which are combined into a single total;
  • Anti-Express is a type of bet in which you need at least one selected event to lose;
  • Outcome – the victory of one of the teams or a draw;
  • Total match – the number of goals, pucks, points;
  • Double outcome – the victory or non-loss of one of the teams;
  • Handicap – the gap in the score.

These are the types of stakes most commonly used by bettors of different levels. You should learn and understand at least them. Undoubtedly, some bookmakers at their sites also may offer other options. This may depend not only on the site where you make a bet, but also on the match, the competition, the playing teams. Once you have gained enough knowledge you should start learning strategies.

Betting Strategies 

Since sports wagering is related to mathematics, bettors’ first thoughts on strategies are related to formulas and calculations. In fact, tactics are not always based on calculations. And financial betting strategies often only require a basic knowledge of mathematics learned at school. Tactics usually refers to a specific system of principles and patterns based on experience. Without a systematic approach, it is extremely difficult to succeed in wagering. It allows you to avoid mistakes at first, as well as to fine-tune the stability of betting. Judging the conclusions of such an approach can be done over a distance. Analysis will help to study the weaknesses and strengths of the tactic to improve it in the future. At the moment there is a large variety of strategies. Some of them are very popular and have earned recognition among bettors around the world. Others are not so well known due to their specificity or other reasons. Below you can get acquainted with the best and highest quality sports betting strategies. After getting acquainted with their essence, you will be able to evaluate the advantages and try them out on your own.

Parlay Bets

A parlay is one of the three main betting tips in a bookmaker’s office. It is often used in order to get the maximum profit in a short time. Express is a combined wager of two or more outcomes. The final odds of which is equal to the multiplication of the ratios of all the results included in it. The bettor expects success, if at least one in its composition will win, and for the rest shall be the same result or return (expense). This undoubtedly adds more chances in the short term.  It is not possible to add related outcomes, including the events of the same match, to a Parlay. This is done so that players can’t cheat the math. 

Parlay Betting Strategies

If your goal is to earn in the short term, then you will fit this strategy. There are two types:

  • On favorites. The model involves betting on the victories of several top clubs and obtaining high odds. When selecting matches, make sure that: the favorite plays on its field, all leaders are ready to take part in the meeting, it has tournament motivation, the selected team has good statistics of face-to-face meetings, players had a sufficient amount of time to rest and recover;
  • The outsider did not change the head coach in recent weeks. If the matches start at different times, you can use the cash out option or insure the express;
  • The strategy “counter”. The essence of the method is to bet on the outcome opposite to one of the results of the previously made express. Used to protect against the possible loss and provides the player with the opportunity to make a profit in any outcome of the remaining events. One of the main advantages of the strategy – availability and simplicity. First of all, the player must make a parlay wager. If the main events are over and one more match is not enough to win, it is necessary to make a parlay bet in order to insure against failure. 

You can choose any of them and start putting them into practice. It is possible that you will have to refine it somewhere for your wagering style. These strategies work well in conjunction with prop betting.

Futures Bets

Futures stakes are a type of betting in a bookmaker’s office, which are made mainly on important matches and other events long before they start. For example – the NBA Finals, Super Bowl, the number of points scored by a team, the number of wins in the championship, the winner of the conference or division, etc. Futures wagers are on a sporting event that will happen in the future. Essentially, they are classic long-term bets. The odds on long-term options change regularly. They are affected by transfers, coaching appointments, player injuries or disqualifications, and more. It is better for beginners to refrain from this type of staking, because it is much more difficult to predict the outcomes.

Futures Bets Strategy

Let’s start with the fact that the most promising of all long-term wagers are on the winner of the tournament. And it is them that should be used within the framework of this strategy. The algorithm is based on the fact that among the set of participants in any tournament only a few of them have a real chance of winning, and bookmakers in bets on the winner offer odds on all teams (athletes in tennis, biathlon, etc.), distributing between them the chances. From this it follows that wagers on the tournament favorites are valuables. It is necessary to identify 3-4 or more major contenders to win and put on each of them such amounts, so that with the triumph of one of them is guaranteed to be in the black. The only disadvantage of the strategy is the loss of all bets in case of victory of the underdog, that is the team that the player did not consider as a favorite.

Over/Under Bets

This type of wagering is one of the varieties of totals. Betting on the total has its own strategy to play. For example, at Under most bettors play a few days before the match because of good odds, and directly in the live it will be better to catch a good ratios on Over. Here the differences with other types of betting are over. The essence of the stake on the total is to choose whether it is more or less than a certain value. Bookmaker office offers its performance value, then the player bets – more or less will be the final result. Despite the simplicity of choice in games, to come to the right decision is not so easy.

Over/Under Betting Strategies

For betting on totals with the purpose of making money, it is necessary to distribute the game bank correctly. The best way to do that is to play the flat strategy – wagering on a certain percentage of the total balance regardless of the odds of the event. This tactic allows one to get a stable profit and avoid losses at small ratios of winning a bet. main types of strategies:

  • Draw and odd total . A tactic with a high probability of profit if you play with a large bank. The essence is to stake in one match on an odd number of goals and on a draw result. For two bets are usually allocated no more than 10% of the total amount of game balance. Further finances are distributed between them depending on the odds to back each other up. Thus, the risk of losing is minimized. In case there is no draw, the victory of one of the teams follows, and this is most often an odd number of goals;
  • Goal in the first half. Widely known wagering strategy around the world. It is suitable for any match where either team is expected to be effective in the first half. In this situation, you should pay attention to the championships without an abundance of goals, and forget about the championships of the Netherlands, Austria, England, Turkey, Italy, etc. This will help to catch big odds for this outcome, but only if the statistical analysis points to a goal. This tactic is best suited for online play on scoring championships. 

The advantages of betting on Under/Over should include the breadth of choice and coverage of this stake. The player is given the opportunity to take a risk on large values or, conversely, to hedge against a more likely outcome. Because of the simplicity of the analysis, there are many strategies to play this particular type of betting.

Points Spread Bets

Betting on the exact score is a popular market for bettors with experience, because it is quite difficult to guess. But using some tools minimizes the risks. From the name it is clear that in wagering on the exact score the bettor predicts the final result. A distinctive feature is the size of the odds relative to other options. Bookmaker offers all sports, where the final result depends on the number of games. Soccer, of course, is also a good option for betting on the final result in regulation time.

Points Spread Betting Strategy

Any strategy is based on mathematics, so any kind of betting, the result of which seems impossible to predict, is subject to calculations. According to statistics, 10% of matches end with the score 1:1, the same percentage accounts for the score 1:0, about 50% of meetings end with the results 0:0, 1:0, 1:1, 2:1, 2:0. There are only five possible options to choose from. In order for the stakes to be profitable, it is necessary to use one of the suggested strategies:

  • “Plus/Minus One”. To put this strategy into practice, it is necessary to choose four matches and make assumptions about their outcome. Once you have determined the score for each of the meetings, add and subtract one goal for each team in turn;
  • “Doubles”. The same statistics will help players in this strategy, which shows that about 12% of matches end with the score 1:0, and in half of the sports events the home team wins. Based on simple mathematical calculations, it turns out that about 25% of meetings end with the victory of the hosts with a score of 1:0. It follows that if a player chooses for the analysis 10 matches, which will probably be won by the home club, then five of them shall end with the score 1:0. In this case, if a bettor bets a 2 out of 10 system on a 1-0 score in 10 meetings, in case he guesses two matches, the winnings are quite significant.

But remember that many bookmakers forbid making more than one stake in expressions and systems. These are the basic strategies that allow you to predict the outcome of the match as accurately as possible and reduce the risk of loss to a minimum.

Moneyline Bets

The money line is called the schedule in a bookmaker’s office, in which there is no draw result of the match. If for the tennis meeting where the draw cannot be a priori, the moneyline is the main one, then for soccer or hockey the moneyline is published as an additional bet. Making a wager on the money line, the player predicts the win of the first or second team – without taking into account the draw. If the money line stake is made on the outcome of a soccer or hockey match, in case of a draw, such a bet is calculated with the odds of 1 – return.

Moneyline Betting Strategy

There is no universal moneyline betting strategy for all disciplines. Each game is suitable for betting on a particular sport, such as tennis or baseball. The main types are:

  • On the implicit favorite in tennis. Players place bets on which bookmakers give quotes in the range of 1.50-1.70 to win. In addition to the rankings, results, form and motivation of the tennis, it is important to consider the type of court surface and the peculiarities of the tennis game when placing a bet;
  • On the outsider in baseball. According to the strategy, players wagers on the victory of the motivated, which has an important match at home;
  • On the outsider in volleyball. The essence of the strategy is to make a bet on the motivated one with odds not lower than 2.00. Factors influencing the choice of stake in favor of the underdog team: the outsider plays at home, the favorite is missing a number of important things, the strong club is not particularly motivated and is recovering form after a recent difficult match.

You need to carefully study the teams and players before making your choice. This is the only way these strategies can bring you success.