1Win eSports Leagues And Tournaments: Where To Focus

1Win eSports Leagues And Tournaments: Where To Focus

Each cyber sports tournament has unique features, knowledge of which allows you to adjust your betting strategy and increase your chances of success.  For example, in 1Win Aviator, where participants bet on the moment a virtual aircraft crashes, it is important to feel the rhythm and dynamics of events. This demonstrates how important it is to have knowledge and skills in various aspects of cyber sports, especially when it comes to predictions.

Structure And Fundamentals Of eSports

Cybersports is a high-tech sport consisting of professional video game competitions.  They can be either individual or team-based, covering a variety of genres from strategy to sports simulation.

The structure of leagues and tournaments in cybersports is formed based on several factors:

  • Popularity of the discipline. The more fans of a particular game, the higher the chances of organising major tournaments.
  • Funding. Sponsors and investors who invest in prize funds and the organisation of events have a significant influence.
  • Technology Infrastructure. Having a reliable and fair gaming environment, backed by advanced IT solutions, is critical for fair competitions.
  • Media Coverage. Extensive media coverage and streaming platforms are fuelling interest in cybersport.
  • Regulation. The legal framework governing competition rules, protection of players’ rights and anti-doping controls.

Depending on the level of competition, leagues can be amateur, semi-professional and professional. As a rule, professional competitions are organised at international level, attracting the best athletes from all over the world.

Peculiarities Of Formation Of eSports Leagues

Cybersport is unique in that it combines elements of traditional sports and modern technology. Leagues are formed similarly to competitions in football or tennis, but focused on specific games and regions. While classic sports are divided into basketball, hockey, rugby and football, cyber sports leagues are organised around specific video games:

  • Call of Duty;
  • StarCraft 2;
  • League of Legends;
  • DOTA 2;
  • Overwatch, etc.

An important feature of the competitions is the choice of platform for the games. For example, the Call of Duty World League exclusively uses the Playstation 4 console to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Regional specialisation of games is also important. The European Gaming League focuses on Europe and the UK, while Ultimate Battle is open to players from India. For Oceania, there is a Cybergamer league covering Australia and New Zealand.

Despite local and regional specificities, cybersport is global in nature. This is confirmed by the activities of organisations such as the Electronic Sports League (ESL). Today it is one of the largest and oldest international cyber sports leagues.

Sponsorship, such as from companies like 1Win, plays a significant role in the development of leagues. It not only helps to organise large-scale events, but also attracts new audiences and expands the boundaries of cybersport.

Variety Of Esl Tournaments And Their Structure

ESL organises large-scale eSports tournaments including:  

  • Pro Leagues. Each of them is dedicated to a specific game. For example, there is “Overwatch Pro League”, “Mortal Kombat X Pro League”, “Hearthstone Pro League”.
  • ESL Play. The platform offers tournaments for players with different skill levels. “ESL Open is the first stage of the league, available to everyone. This is a chance for beginners to enter the world of cybersport. And to participate in competitions like “ESL Major”, you need to fulfil certain requirements.  
  • Intel Extreme Masters (IEM). The tournament is sponsored by Intel but owned by Turtle Entertainment. It starts with offline qualifications. The finalists are divided into two groups of six teams. The first two teams from each group advance. The group winners go on to the semi-finals, while the second and third place teams go on to the quarter-finals.
  • IEM Continental Championships. These include: American, European, Asian and World Championships. The events start with a group stage, where elimination matches are played. The top three teams from each group qualify for the playoffs, which are played on a double elimination system. The winner of the semi-final goes to the final of the upper grid. If a team wins, it gets a place in the grand final.

Electronic Sports League is one of the best cyber sports organisations, which holds dozens of tournaments for beginners and professionals. Its competitions cover a wide range of disciplines – from Counter-Strike to PUBG: Battlegrounds.

1Win Aviator: New Heights Of Your Gambling

For those who want to take their mind off sports predictions at 1Win, there is a collection of the best entertainment from global manufacturers. Among them is the Aviator slot machine from Spribe Studios. It is radically different from traditional video slots, offering a whole new experience in the world of online betting.

What Is Aviator?

Aviator is a crash game where luck and intuition go hand in hand. Here you bet on how high the aeroplane can fly before it disappears from the screen. The longer it hovers in the air, the higher the win rate. But it’s important to collect your money in time, as the plane can fly away at any moment. If this happens before you request a payout, the bet will burn up.

1Win Aviator review:az diverse portfolio of online entertainment. Crash slot with intuitive interface offers simple game rules and instant withdrawals.

Success at 1 Win Aviator casino depends partly on luck, but it is important to use effective strategies. Users can experiment with different game tactics, such as placing small bets on high odds or vice versa. An effective strategy greatly increases the chances of winning.


Cybersport today is not just entertainment, but a serious industry with a global impact on the online betting market. It unites players, spectators and tournament organisers from all over the world. It is a dynamically developing sphere that is constantly adapting to new technologies and trends, offering endless opportunities for the development of both video games and the industry as a whole.