Athlete of the Month: Alicia Hartinger

  The lean mean metcon machine.  Fresh off her podium finish at Festivus Games, Alicia has been on a tear.  Though she’s not new to CrossFit; she’s been on a whole new level this year.  Alicia has been a morning fixture since day one but now she can be seen fine tuning her craft at […]

Athlete of the Month: Henry Liu

Henry’s the definition of a quiet assassin.  Don’t let the fact that he went to a top law school and has a lovely family fool you.  He will rip your effing face off!!!! Ok maybe not really but Henry is the man!  His olympic lifts are off the charts and he always has an awesome […]

Athlete Profile: Tom Leonard

Where to start? Tom is probably one of the most friendly guys you’ll meet. Always smiling, challenging himself workout after workout…and willing to try anything. He’s progressed by leaps and bounds during his time at DCF, and is always eager to learn more and make himself a better athlete. Way to go, Tom! 🙂 What’s your […]

Athlete Profile: Malcolm Freeney

Hard. Work. Malcolm is diligent. He comes in, day after day, workout after workout, with such a positive attitude and ready to work hard. He truly embodies core principles of a great athlete. With only about 7 months of CrossFit behind him, he came in with a smile ready to dominate “Murph.” If you see […]

Athlete Profile: Sarah Arruda

You alllllll probably know Sarah Arruda. She comes to a variety of class times, due to her crazy work schedule, and makes new friends every single day. A true competitor, Sarah is always looking to toss her name up on the PR board for even more heavy lifting and improved performance, and you’re sure to catch her up […]

Athlete Profile: Rivers Lamb

Ever come to DCF at 7am? If so, you’ve likely had a stellar workout with Rivers. He always has a great attitude and extremely coachable. He is willing to push himself and take a challenge to the next level. It would not be Rivers without his “scurry” run during warm ups when we do shuttle runs. […]

Athlete Profile: Brian Bravante

Brian Bravante. Yeah, the guy who did 10 reps of his deadlift PR at the last test competition. #surprisedhimself. This guy comes in with the most positive, go-get-’em attitude every day, puts in work, and loves a new challenge, anytime/anyplace. Watch out for him sneaking up on ya next test comp! What’s your athletic/fitness background? […]

Athlete Profile: Scott Brewster

Scott Brewster knows how to get work done. He came in as a “former CrossFitter,” who wanted to get back in shape, focus on his weaknesses, and enjoy the occasional craft brew. Since joining DCF, he has seen nothing but progress, embracing his true potential via the IDP program. What’s your athletic/fitness background? Started crossfit […]

Athlete Profile: Phil Nowak

Philly Phil…if you’re around in the mornings, you definitely know and love Phil. He’s relentless, he works hard, he doesn’t let anything stop him…and he even stays after class to do his own cooldown. If you haven’t met him yet, go introduce yourself. You’ll be glad you did. What’s your athletic background? I always have […]

Athlete Profile: Melissa Moss

Go check out the PR board. Like, all the time. Melissa Moss is in, day in and day out, lifting heavy and working hard. Oh yeah, she’s having fun too. What’s your athletic/fitness background? I played softball competitively growing up. My parents really invested in me with a private coach and weight training starting in […]

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