Programming FAQ

Which one should I do?  Fitness or Performance?

Great and very important question!  Here’s what you have to honestly understand.  It seems like no matter how many times we try and explain this it never sinks in but here goes:

The Performance workouts are not harder.  They are just different.  They are designed with the intent of preparing DCFers specifically the sport of CrossFit. They are a periodized and planned yearly for participation in 'The Open'.  If you don’t plan on doing the CrossFit Games Open; DO NOT DO THE PERFORMANCE WORKOUT!  It is just simply does not have your best interests at heart.

Likewise, if you are new to CrossFit (not just new to working out, new to CrossFit) then you should be looking to do the Fitness Workouts.  The fitness program is for anything other than getting better at CrossFit (getting 'in shape', body composition, functional strenght, etc.) They are a great combination of GPP along with a periodized program for you to see tremendous progress in a short amount of time.


Can I do both Fitness and Performance?

I’m sure you can.  You’re also most likely an adult and are fully capable of making your own decisions.  Just keep in mind: we have been doing this stuff for a long time and are probably better (and more honest) assessors or your capabilities.  When we say to do one or the other we mean it.  A LOT of thought and planning goes into these workouts and if you dabble and little here and a little there you’re almost guaranteed to miss the point of both. But it’s really your choice.


How much weight should I use?

That depends on the workout, but the coach will always give you some guidance on what the appropriate weight is for that workout. Generally, so long as you follow the tempo (if there is one) you should lift the heaviest weight you can for the given number of repetitions.


What’s the difference between 6,6,6; 3x6; and the rest of these rep schemes?

Here’s some basic nomenclature:

6,6,6 = 3 sets of 6 with the intention of you adding weight each set.  Usually there will be percentage to start at

3x6 = 3 sets of 6 at the same weight.  Usually there will be a percentage to start at.

3RM= Take the pre-determined time to establish the heaviest 3 reps possible.

Rest as needed = rest as much as you need

Rest 2 minutes = rest EXACTLY 2 minutes.

Rest 30/45/60 = Between the 1st and 2nd set you will rest 30 seconds, between 2nd and 3rd set you will rest 45 seconds, and between the 3rd and 4th set you will rest 60 seconds.


What does “31X1” mean?

3= The Eccentric (or with gravity) portion

1= The “isometric” or pause between the lowering and raising

X= The Concentric (or against gravity) portion

1= The pause at the top of the movement

So in a Pullup this would mean you would do the pullup really fast, pause for a second, then lower yourself very slowly.

In a Squat this would mean you lower the weight for 3 seconds, pause for 1 second, then raise up as fast as possible.


That workout doesn’t seem that hard because there’s a lot of rest.  What’s up with that?

First off: beware the “easy” workout.  Secondly we usually try and control the workout as best we can.   The reason we prescribe rest is because we want you to move THE ENTIRE TIME you’re supposed to be working.  Your first goal is always to go unbroken, then to go fast, then to go heavy.  Once you can do that without rest, we’ll be taking you to the CrossFit Games.


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