Where are the Hero and Girl WODs?


(By: NGL) Every so often I field questions about why our programming looks a little different than a ‘typical’ CrossFit Gym (if there is such a thing). Particularly, why we do so few of the famous Girls (Fran, Diane, Grace) and Heroes (Murph, Ryan, JT). Several of us perhaps got our start at another gym […]

Athlete Profile: Anne Caprara


Anne Caprara excels both on the barbell and applying peer pressure to get her fellow DCF’ers to make the early Saturday classes…even when they’d rather be cozied up on chilly mornings. Not only has Anne blossomed into a dynamite CrossFit athlete, but she also dominates in her work’s flag football league. Competitors don’t want to […]

Goal Setting


Do you have a goal? It doesn’t have to be crazy. Not everyone needs to (or wants to) run a marathon, back squat their bodyweight, or lose weight. But having a reason to do what you’re doing can make working out, working hard and pushing yourself that much easier. Take a moment to help yourself […]

From our friends at Heritage Hollow Farms!

Heritage Hollow Farms, LLC

Not All Grassfed Beef is Created Equal Part 1–Genetics Through your own trial and error, many of you have undoubtedly stumbled upon grassfed beef that you absolutely love and other grassfed beef that was nearly inedible. (I hope the latter wasn’t ours!) Have you thought about why that might be happening? Once you begin looking […]

How to Win at the DCF Member Check In


The first DCF Member Check in is coming up this Saturday (3/29) at 1:30! This is your chance to ask anything and everything of your DCF coaches, as well as a chance to repeat one of your first ever DCF workouts! Of course, this is also a great chance to win some great prizes from DCF […]

Introducing the DCF Members Check-In


March 29th at 1:30 (right after the open) will be the first installment of a new event for DCF members that we’re calling the ‘DCF Members Check-In’. I know what you’re wondering, and the answer is ‘YES! You can win free stuff just by attending!’, but more on that later. This meeting is your opportunity […]

DCF on Voice of America news

Check out DCF in the media! Voice of America was recently out filming a story on CrossFit…see what they had to say! http://www.voanews.com/content/crossfit-hot-global-fitness-trend-strengthens-dominance/1870750.html

Athlete Profile: Janet Stacey


Growing up I was a tomboy and played all sort of sports. I love volleyball and softball. I started running marathons, which caused sciatica pain. I had to stop running. I wanted to still stay active and challenge myself. I stopped at Dogtown Crossfit three years ago. One of the coaches asked me what was my […]

Heritage Hollow Farms

Heritage Hollow Farms, LLC

Terroir is defined as a set of special characteristics that the geography, geology and climate of a certain place, interacting with plant genetics, express in agricultural products such as wine, coffee, chocolate, tomatoes, heritage wheat, cannabis, and tea. It is also loosely translated as a ‘sense of place’. Terroir is most often associated with wine […]

The Open at DCF


The CrossFit Open is less than two weeks away, and DCF has your chance to participate! Every Saturday during the Reebok CrossFit Games Open, DCF will host ‘The Open at DCF’, where athletes can complete each weekly workout! Workouts will be at 12:00 every Saturday at DCF (in place of the regularly scheduled group class […]

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