2014 CrossFit Open Skills: Toes to Bar

Welcome to the first edition of District CrossFit’s 2014 CrossFit Open Skills series.  We’re gonna do our best to help you with some movements you’re all but guaranteed to see in the 2014 CrossFit Games Open.   Today we’re gonna talk about the Toes to Bar.  If you’ve practiced your kip as a skill and not simply as a cheating pullup, you shouldn’t have a problem.  If, however, you struggle getting that kip down pat, aka you swing wildly sometimes, we might have a good fix for you.

Check it out and post any questions below.

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  1. This was an awesome video. It makes a lot of sense and I think is something that I innately do (or at least try to do) when I’m not tired and can force myself into ‘good’ technique, but seeing it demonstrated and being able to rewind and check the differences between relying on hips vs. relying on your shoulders was really eye-opening. Thank you.

  2. Glad it helped Jan! If you’ve got any requests feel free to shout them out.

  3. good lawd, that guy is good looking.

  4. The ‘wide’ stance wall-balls would be cool to review in my humble opinion, just because I feel like I never got the hang of them/could figure out what I was doing wrong with them. A comprehensive muscle-up tutorial would also be amazing, but if I still don’t have then now this far out from the open…let’s just say I won’t ask for miracles.

  5. @ Andrew
    DCF Fam! Miss you guys. For the open, I’ve been REALLY practicing consistent efficient burpees (high rep) and consistent butterfly pullups, among other things (i haven’t figured out whether its conditioning or technique but the standard kip seems take a lot out of me these days). I’d like to hear a second opinion on both of those if you’re taking suggestions!

  6. You know what this video needs? A mustache,

  7. Thanks Andrew! This was super helpful. I also think the standard kip would be helpful to review.

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